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About Glorp

What is Glorp?

Glorp is a new, better search engine

We collect results from all around the web and visit them on your behalf, showing you screenshots of the pages

Then, you can make an informed decision about whether to visit a site or not

Our community — that means you — can rate content to improve our results

Does Glorp show ads?

Glorp does not show ads. We are developing a paid account system for revenue.

How will Glorp make money?

Searching is the most important part of internet research. We intend to offer a low cost monthly plan for those committed to the best search experience.

How does Glorp keep me safe?

How we protect your privacy and security:

  • We do not divulge your IP address or device-specific identifiers to any other of our data sources
  • You do not have to visit unsavory web pages but can view a screenshot of them instead, which means less exposure to spyware, tracking, etc
  • We do not use any tracking pixels, cloud-hosted plugins, or Google Analytics on Glorp
  • We does not load any third party Javascript from CDNs
  • We do not require a full profile, or any personally identifiable user information, to use most features
  • At this time, we have safe search enabled for all queries

How do I make Glorp my default search engine?

In Google Chrome, do the following:

  1. Enter Settings from the three dot menu in the upper right
  2. Scroll down to Search Engine and tap Manage search engines
  3. Look for Other search engines and tap Add on the right
  4. Enter these settings
    1. Search Engine = GLORP
    2. Keyword = glorp.co
    3. URL with %s = https://glorp.co/Search/%s
  5. Scroll down to the new GLORP entry
  6. Tap on the three dot menu and tap Make Default

Get stuck? Send us an email at getglorp@gmail.com

Who started Glorp?

Glorp is the creation of a small team of developers and advisors based in Miami and Los Angeles

Does Glorp have an API for developers?

Sign up for our developers program to be the first to learn about our API offerings.

Social media

Check us out on social media:

@glorp.co on Instagram and @glorpco on Twitter

Contact info

Comments? Questions?

Email us at getglorp@gmail.com

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